Children and Lifts

Your Lift is NOT a toy! Nor is it an amusement ride to be played with by your children and their friends. Children are not careless, only care-free and they:

  • Must always be with an adult when using your lift. Never permit a young child to ride the lift unaccompanied. Even older children should not be permitted to ride the lift unaccompanied unless they have been well versed in the potential hazards and safe use of your lift.
  • Must never be in the vicinity of the lift machinery. Moving parts inherent with machinery can be extremely hazardous.
  • Must never try and squeeze into the space between the inside of the landing door and the lift car gate or door. This single action has severely injured or caused the death of too many children. Ensure the distance between the inside of the landing door and the cab gate or door never exceeds five (5) inches (125 mm). (Ask your installer to point out this area!)

What our Clients are Saying

open quotesThank you, Sandra, for all of your efforts regarding our son’s home oxygen with Motion Specialties. You always check in with us to replenish our supplies or check on the performance of our home oxygen concentrator. It is much easier to have our oxygen supplier with the same company that we purchase so many of our mobility aids from.close quotes
― Michael and Family, Kitchener ON