How to choose the right Bed Rail

If you need help with choosing the right bed rail, you’ve come to the right place. Finding the perfect bed rail can be an enjoyable process when you know what you are looking for. And to better understand what you are looking for, you must first consider your specific needs and lifestyle. There are many wonderful options available, and it’s important to consider the following before you begin your search.

1) Travel

If you are still quite active and travel from time to time, you will want to look for a bed rail that easily folds and conveniently transports. This doesn’t just include out of town travel; it could mean going to visit family in the same city. Create bedroom safety wherever you are sleeping; your home, with family, and at a hotel or hospital. Some Bed Rails such as Stander’s econo rail is lightweight and even includes a carry case to make it easier to travel with your rail.

2) Function

If you need assistance only with sitting up, a single-function bed rail can meet this need. Some bed rails remain stationary, while others can be adjusted to swing down and out of the way when not in use. However, perhaps you need a unit that not only helps you sit up but also assists you with taking your first few steps. A great choice for this is the Mobility Bed Rail from Stander or the Smart Rail by Healthcraft. It comes with a swing-out arm that offers more support and increased leverage. In cases where a bed rail like this is not optional due to the type of bed, a Safety Pole with either a curved or horizontal bar can be mounted to provide additional support getting to and from bed. This is a great product for someone who uses a cane or walker. The mobility device can be left beside the rail while the rail connects the transfer point from the walker to the bed. Safety poles are favourites to many because they require no drilling. Instead they use tension to mount securely from floor to ceiling. The other benefit of the Safety Pole is that it allows for customization with different accessories, such as a tray table, which is great for eating or reading materials, for example. It can also be relocated to any room in your home as your needs change.

3) Safety

It is also important to consider exactly how much support you will need. If safety is a big concern, and you would prefer to have a bed rail that spans a longer length of the bed, the EZ Adjust Bed Rail allows for shorter or longer positioning for added safety and support. Full length rails are typically used when the need is for helping to keep the user in the bed to prevent unnecessary falls during the night.

4) Age

There are some bed rails that are geared for children. If this is your situation, contact your local Motion Specialties and they can assist you with finding age-specific options.

What our Clients are Saying

open quotesI just want you to know what a difference Cindy and the team at Motion Windsor made for my mom. She has gained back a level of independence she had lost and that’s invaluable. Mom had a very hard time accepting she needed an assistive device and you were able to help her accept that. She was off on her own with her new wheels the very next morning to have her toenails done!! She loves her walker and shows it off to everyone. Way to go! You’ve made a huge difference for yet another person. Thank you! close quotes
― Gerti, Windsor ON