Important Safety Considerations for your new Elevator

  • Never operate the elevator if the cab door or gate is not fully closed! DISABLING OR BYPASSING THE CAB DOOR OR GATE SAFETY SWITCH MAY RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH!
  • Where power operated wheeled assistive devices are used, the brakes must be set and the power switch turned to OFF prior to moving the elevator.
  • Where manual wheeled assistive devices are used, the wheel-brakes must be set prior to moving the elevator.
  • Your elevator has been designed and manufactured by experts in the elevator field. Any modifications by unauthorized personnel in any way can be extremely dangerous. USE ONLY EXPERIENCED TECHNICIANS!

What our Clients are Saying

open quotesAlmost four years ago, I purchased a power wheelchair through Motion.  Being a fairly new model, no one could predict the types of problems that would suddenly appear with my chair.  Though they have put me in some serious predicaments that definitely have been stressful, the one defining factor in completely turning each situation around has been the service Dave has provided me with.  His technical skill alone is outstanding; however, that combined with his compassion and care for his clients’ safety is service that is second to none.close quotes
― Maria, Toronto