Ceiling Lift

What is a Ceiling Lift

The ceiling lift is clinically proven to be the easiest, safest and most comfortable transfer equipment available today. There are two types of ceiling lifts; a portable system which can be taken down from the track and moved to another site within the home or a fixed unit which remains on the track all time (this style has the added option of being motorized along the track). Choosing which of these two lifts would be appropriate depends on the client’s transfer needs, now and in the future, as well as the layout of the house. This is an important decision that should be discussed before going forward with the ceiling lift project. The style of sling should also be discussed prior to installation, as there are a variety of options and sizes available. Our team of professions will ensure that the lift is used safely and effectively.

What our Clients are Saying

open quotesMy boss, colleagues and friends have had a heightened awareness of how important it is to have someone highly skilled to rely on along with the ability to complete repairs as quickly as possible and we have all come to recognize how good Dave is at his job.  The most recent breakdown I encountered required me to be pushed in manual mode by friends at work. The first thing each and every person honestly said was “call that guy who’s always able to fix your chair!!”  THAT is how great he is.  Without fail, he asked me to describe what happened and with no hesitation said he knew what it was.  I was “back in motion” the same day.close quotes
― Maria, Toronto