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Why a Rigid chair delivers better performance

People often wonder why a rigid wheelchair delivers better performance than a folding chair. Is there really a difference? And what might that difference mean for you?

First of all, why is performance important? Well, performance is going to do a few things; First of all, it will allow you to go faster and maneuver easier, but if your speed and agility aren’t important to you, the health benefits should be. The lighter your chair is and the better it performs, the less strain that you are putting on your arms and back, and consequently your entire body. Now let’s talk about the chair:

If you want performance you will want a rigid chair. Why? The truth is, a rigid chair delivers better performance for several important reasons. Let’s look at the facts…

Rigid chairs don’t fold and are therefore made with less individual parts. The frame is actually one piece with no moving parts. This offers maximum strength and efficiency when propelling because the frame will not flex. Less parts also means less maintenance. Non-rigid chairs have a lot of individual parts that must constantly be adjusted, if not replaced, to keep the chair working well and in proper alignment.

The best performing rigid chairs, such as a TiLite, are made of titanium. Titanium is unique in that it offers superior strength as a material, but it is also extremely lightweight. This is great for people who intend to self-propel with their arms.

Titanium also possesses the ability to dampen vibrations. If you intend or are required to be in your wheelchair for 8 to 10 hours a day, you want the smoothest ride possible. Rigid chairs offer this experience, especially when riding over uneven or rough terrain.

Another reason why a rigid chair delivers better performance is customization. The user can choose from a much longer list of chair specifications tailored to body size, function, posture, user strength and lifestyle.

Less overall energy is required by the user of a rigid chair. The energy that is applied, due to the rigid frame, is expended toward propelling the wheelchair forward. With a folding chair, much of this energy is absorbed into the areas of the wheelchair that are constantly flexing and shifting.

If you are still wondering why a rigid chair delivers better performance, call your local vendor. They will likely have some demos in-store and can let you experience for yourself the supreme advantages offered by a rigid chair.

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open quotesYour technician’s commitment and ability to get my chair fully functioning again completely sets the bar for customer service.  Ironically, also quite fitting for the name of the company he works for – Motion!  I’ve been using a power chair for 18 years and used other service providers in the past; Dave’s service is specifically the reason I won’t go anywhere else but Motion.close quotes
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