Your Elevator, Your Safety

Once the installers, inspectors and sales people leave your home, the responsibility to maintain the elevator in safe operating condition is now in your hands!! How you react to this responsibility sets the level of safety for you and your family, your friends or anyone else who may have the occasion to use or be in the vicinity of your elevator. There are a few things you should always keep in mind: Your elevator is a device with which most people have very little experience.

It is a sophisticated assembly of mechanical and electrical components designed to provide you with convenient, safe vertical transportation. As much as you would not “fiddle” with your car’s safety devices or your electrical distribution panel in your home.....”don’t “fiddle” with your elevator’s safety devices”!

If you are having any inconvenience with the operation of your elevator, ask your service company or installing contractor to address it. Adjustments or alterations by inexperienced personnel to elevator components or any safety features inherent with the equipment is extremely hazardous! Many serious accidents have occurred through the action of well-meaning friends!

What our Clients are Saying

open quotesBeing able to exit out the door, especially for safety reasons has been such a peace of mind for me. Also to enjoy being outdoors, not confined inside has really been extra special. A special thanks to you John for your expert assistance in insuring that I had the proper ramp in place.close quotes
― Margaret, Windsor ON