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Education Sessions for Long Term Care and Retirement

Top 10 tips for getting (& keeping) residents in wheelchairs

This interactive session will reinforce to front-line caregivers how transferring clients into a wheelchair appropriately will often eliminate the need for repositioning later. This session offers solutions to staff to minimize injury and maximize comfort and safety of residents.

Session Highlights: 
  • Importance of good positioning
  • Steps involved to achieve good posture in a wheelchair
  • Correct set-up of seating in a wheelchair

Falls Prevention

This session is designed to support the Fall Prevention program in your home. Understanding falls, identifying who is at risk for falls and the importance of developing strategies for prevention is the key focus.

Session Highlights: 
  • Importance of Fall Prevention
  • Identifying residents at risk for falls
  • Strategies and solutions to prevent and/or minimize the impact of falls

Minimizing Restraints

Understanding regulations and best practices for the use of restraining devices is necessary for Restraint Minimization programs. Resident safety is the greatest importance for staff navigating this complex issue.

Session Highlights: 
  • Examine Restraints and PASDs
  • Discuss best practices for restraint minimization
  • Identify restraint alternatives

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