Mobility & Accessibility Solutions

There are many factors to consider when purchasing mobility and accessibility equipment, including your clinical requirements and environmental needs. The purchase process is a team effort, including an authorized health care professional in some cases (who will write your prescription), your family and/other caregivers, funders and support services, Motion’s team of experts, and, most importantly, you.

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When You Choose Motion

You can expect:

  • A caring, knowledgeable and collaborative team of experts, trained to handle the most complex clinical needs.
  • An exceptional client experience that includes transparent and consistent communication throughout the purchase process and beyond.
  • A clear explanation of our processes, the equipment available to you, the associated costs, along with a request for your approval, before we proceed at any stage.
  • A thorough fitting of your equipment to maximize mobility, performance and safety.
  • A full-service repair and maintenance program for all equipment we sell.

Purchase Process

When considering the purchase of mobility equipment, such as a wheelchair, it’s important to engage a registered therapist who will help identify your equipment needs, conduct the clinical assessment and provide the prescription for Motion to fulfill. You may also be eligible to receive funding for your equipment. Please inquire about any funding opportunities with your therapist or one of our experts. 

1. Contact Us

Contact the Motion location nearest you, or work with your therapist (if applicable) to have them contact us on your behalf. The Motion team will take the time to understand your needs and then guide you through the purchase process.

2. Equipment Recommendation & Selection

We can provide the expertise needed to ensure that your clinical requirements are matched with quality and reliable products. Fit, function and lifestyle considerations are combined in the selection of mobility and accessibility equipment that maximizes your independence and safety.

3. Funding

If required, Motion works closely with funders and charitable organizations that assist in covering

the costs associated with the purchase of mobility and accessibility equipment (based on eligibility; eligibility varies). The time it takes to receive a confirmation of funding eligibility varies, and can often be lengthy. Your Mobility & Accessibility Consultant will help you and your therapist (if applicable) navigate this part of the process.

4. Order & Set-Up

Our team will ensure the timely delivery and accurate set-up of your new equipment. Once

funding has been approved (if applicable), your equipment order will be placed. You may also choose to provide payment for your final equipment upfront, before funding has been approved (if applicable), so that we can proceed with your order.

If you require equipment while you’re awaiting the delivery of your final equipment, please contact your Mobility & Accessibility Consultant for the available options (e.g. rentals, repairs to existing equipment, financing options).

5. Fitting

Motion is recognized as the leader in delivering custom mobility and accessibility solutions. Our goal is to maximize mobility, performance and safety through the proper fitting of your equipment.

6. Delivery

Upon final fitting, our experts will answer any questions that you may have, review the maintenance and care of your new equipment, and provide you with a package that includes all the documents needed for the life of your product. To ensure your comfort and safety, we also provide support on the function and use of your equipment.

We look forward to working with you to make life accessible.




Motion Guarantee

We stand behind our work. If a repair or adjustment is required within 30 days of purchase (in keeping with the equipment prescription, if applicable), we will fix it for free (parts not included; except when covered under manufacturer warranty).

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Motion provides a complete warranty repair service on behalf of the manufacturer for all eligible equipment; recycled equipment through the Central Equipment Pool (CEP) may not be eligible. Details regarding your product’s manufacturer warranty will be found in the owner’s manual, instructions or warranty card included with your equipment. Please review this warranty and its restrictions. Warranty coverage may not apply due to regular wear and tear, “abuse” or “neglect,” or lack of regular or scheduled maintenance. Note that most manufacturer warranties do not cover the costs associated with labour.

Client Responsibility

It is your responsibility, along with your family, trustee or guardian, to follow the owners’ manual to care for and regularly maintain your equipment. You will also be responsible for the replacement of lost, stolen, or damaged equipment and for repairs resulting from regular wear and tear, “abuse”or “neglect,” or lack of regular or scheduled maintenance.