About PayBright

Making payments easier for Motion clients purchasing mobility and accessibility equipment. Financing plans are available from 3 to 60 months and can be used for all or part of your equipment purchase from $300-$25,000.

How it works

1 Apply Online

Click here to apply now.

2 Get an Instant Decision

An instant on-screen approval will be displayed, with the amount of funds available.

3 Finalize Your Equipment Details with Your Sales Consultant

Finalize your equipment needs with your Motion Sales Consultant and request the cost of your equipment and your client number – PayBright will need these details to finalize your loan.

4 Finalize Your Documentation & Payment Plan

You can either finalize your documentation and payment plan with your Motion Sales Consultant or work with PayBright to finalize your documentation and payment plan. You will need a copy of your government-issued ID and a void check to proceed. PayBright will pay Motion directly once your loan is finalized, and Motion will order your equipment.

5 Make Payments

PayBright will work with you to set up convenient pre-authorized monthly or semi-monthly payments for you.

Getting Started

For more information or to get started visit paybright.com.

Note: It is the client’s, or client’s representative’s, responsibility to complete their documentation independently and submit for approval to Paybright.