Freedom Concepts Adventurer Series AS 2600


Size Guide Inseam 25"
Max Load 250 lbs.
Bike Weight 68 lbs.
Wheel Size 20"
Frame height (w/o seat) 29"
Total Length 70"
Width 34"

Freedom Concepts Adventurer Series AS 2600

The Adventurer is our largest bicycle aimed towards those larger adults who require extra balance. If you're recovering from a stroke, or need some stability in your ride, the Adventurer's full 34" rear stance gives you all the support you need. The Adventure 2600 offers the same list of features as the Discovery series, with an added dimension of comfort and support for the mature rider. As with Discovery, the handlebars, seats and crank mechanisms are adjustable. Adventurer's walk-through design and step-on platform make for easy on/off transfers. For stopping safety, the Adventurer has two rear band brakes with controls that can be mounted on the handlebars. If the rider is unable to operate the hand lever, one can be mounted on the discreet assistance handle for a companion to operate. We have also introduced a rear steering option which we describe further in the technical specs section. This model is equipped with a direct drive system so you can pedal backwards to build momentum to go forward, or with optional seven speeds so you can easy cruise or athletic challenge.


  • Stable three wheel design
  • Independently adjustable handlebars and telescopic posts, that moves completely out of the way for easy transfers
  • Adjustable seat in child or adult low back (7.5") or high (18") back styles complete with safety belt(s)
  • A unique crank and sprocket that can be adjusted in all directions to accommodate different hip to foot ratios
  • Discreet assistance handle so the rider can learn to ride and stop with a little help
  • Optional Rear Steering system that allows the caregiver to steer, or brake from the rear of the device
  • Rear brake with locking mechanism onto the handle bar for able rider
  • Velcro straps to keep feet on the pedals, and choice of optional supporting footplates
  • Powder baked paint ensures durability, years of good looks
  • Optional rear basket platform
  • Optional 7-speed gearing

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