Invacare e.Motion Power Assist for 22" wheels w/ ECS

The New Alber e-motion power assist allows wheelchair drivers to keep and even raise their level of active mobility, and provides a variety of therapeutic benefits. This power assist has two Li-Lon batteries that are integrated inconspicuously in the wheel hub. Only a slight amount of force to the push rims engages the motors and helps to propel the wheelchair. Particularly, when driving uphill or negotiating curbs, e.motion is at its best. Thanks to e motion the wheelchair can also be slowed down with very little effort. Just a slight checking of the push rims suffices, and the electrical servo-break effectively slows down movement.


  • Helps increase personal freedom
  • Has therapeutic benefits
  • Consists of 2 programmable drive wheels & has 2 speeds & comes with remote control (ECS)
  • Is portable & versatile
  • Adp # WPS1DO005

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