Invacare Healthcraft Superpole with Supertrapeze


Diameter 0.875"/2.2cm diameter, Adjustable 1"/2.5cm nylon strap attaches to welded support arm (adjustable in height on SuperPole).
Reach Strap Range - 29"/74cm.
Arm Length Trapeze Handle Grip Lengths - 6.25"/16cm and 10.25"/26cm.
Arm Height Support Arm - 17"/43cm. Recommended height 84"/213cm from floor. Fixed to the pole with 3 penetrating set screws.
Product Weight Capacity 300lbs/136kg.

Invacare Healthcraft Superpole with Supertrapeze

The SuperTrapeze is an add-on to the SuperPole that increases its functionality to also include in-bed support. While the SuperPole and SuperBar help you get out and move from the bed, the SuperTrapeze assists in one of the most difficult motions - transferring from a lying position to a seated position in bed. It uses two offset rails to allow for improved use of arm strength and increased comfort. Additionally, it can easily be stored out of the way when not being used.


  • Innovative - Unlike conventional triangle trapeze handles, the SuperTrapeze handle simulates two rungs on a ladder. Allows for improved use of arm strength to "climb up" to a seated position.
  • Optimizes Space - Conventional trapeze floor stands can force the bed away from wall, reducing valuable floor space. SuperPole with SuperTrapeze installs beside the bed and requires less than 5" / 13 cm of floor space.
  • Adjustable - The trapeze support arm and nylon strap are height adjustable. For easy storage, simply hook the trapeze handle onto the SuperPole.
  • Flexible - Support arm is adjustable in height and angle. Strap is adjustable in length to achieve best height and location of trapeze.
  • Ease Of Use - The combination of a trapeze & bedside pole - the only product to provide COMPLETE support for sitting up, pivoting, and standing up from bed.

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