Invacare Matrx PS Cushion


Seat Width 12", 14", 16", 18", 20"-30"
Seat Depth 12", 14", 16"-30"
Product Weight 2 lbs
Product Weight Capacity 300 lbs (Standard)
Warranty 2 years

Invacare Matrx PS Cushion

The Invacare Matrx PS cushion is designed to provide superior positioning, stability,skin protection and comfort. The design features an anatomically contoured shape incorporating a unique waffled ischial relief recess,and an innovative reversible outer cover.


  • Durable HR (high resilient) foam prevents "bottoming out".
  • Innovative reversible outer cover, Dartex fabric,may be used smooth or fabric side out to suit individual needs.
  • Recovery inner liner provides moisture protection to the foam.
  • Waffled recess provides ischial/sacral immersion and helps maintain pelvic position and prevent sliding.
  • Also available in Heavy Duty sizes.

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