Invacare® Pegasus 3 Wheel Scooter


Base Length 50"
Base Width 24.5"
Seat Width 20"
Seat Depth 18.5"
Back Height 27"-29" (including headrest)
Seat To Floor Height 16.5"-19.5"
Seat Angle 95 to 145 degrees
Arm Height 8"-10"
Arm Length 14"
Width Between Arms 20"-23"
Ground Clearance 4"
Tire Size 11" x 3.5", 4.10/3.50-5
Incline Capability 10 degrees
Turning Radius 44"
Speed 12km/h (7.5mph)
Range 40km (26 miles)
Battery 40Ah, 2x12V (sold seperately)
Safety System Speed Reduction Technology
Product Weight 156lbs.
Product Weight Capacity 330lbs.
Warranty Two year limited warranty against manufacturing defects (excluding upholstered materials, padded materials and tires/wheels). Six months on batteries (sold separately).

Invacare® Pegasus 3 Wheel Scooter

Stronger, Smarter, Safer. The Pegasus three and four wheel scooters combine safety, reliability and comfort into one perfect package. Whether you enjoy a daily trip to the mall or travelling further afield, the Invacare Pegasus offers the performance, freedom and independence you want and deserve.


  • Dual rear adjustable suspension and front spring suspension
  • Speed Reduction Technology automatically reduces travel speed while cornering
  • Two-step brake release lever prevents accidental disengagement out of drive mode
  • Adjustability - optimal driving position can be obtained by adjusting seat height, position, and the width, height and angle of the armrests
  • 4-pole, 250 Watt motor delivers travel speeds up to 12km/h

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