Otto Bock Kimba Spring Tilt in Space Wheelchair


Seat Width 20 cm- 30 cm, 26 cm- 35 cm
Seat Depth 19 cm- 31 cm, 24 cm- 40 cm
Push Handle Height 76 cm - 114 cm
Overall Width Approx. 63 cm, Approx. 72 cm
Body Weight 35 kg.
For Ages 1 through 6 or 4 through 10
Padding Breathable Spacer Material

Otto Bock Kimba Spring Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair

In the Kimba Spring stroller, children are optimally positioned and supported. The many adjustment options and multi-function seating unit enable precise adaptation to the body proportions of the child as well as optimal supportive and corrective functions. Subsequent problems caused by incorrect posture are prevented. Not only can the seat depth and width as well as the height of the back rest and foot rest be adjusted to the millimeter; the pelvic, side limitation, and optional thorax and head support pads can also be adjusted.


  • Optimal positioning & support for the child
  • Multiple adjustment options
  • Covers large areas of the supply spectrum
  • Seat can be rotated opposite the direction of travel

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