Prodije Kid Standing Frame Supine, Prone or Hybrid Model


Client Height (Supine/Prone/Upright)  34"- 50"
Base Size  24.75" x  34.5"
Weight Capacity  70 lbs 
Torso Support Width/Length  Custom
Pelvic Support Width/Length  Custom
Knee Block Height Custom
Positioning Angle 0 to 90 degrees 
Width of Body Support 6.25"- 14"
Height of Body Support Custom
Height (Foot to Chest) Custom 
Height (Footrest to Tray) Custom
Tray Tilt Custom
Max Distance Kneepads to footrest Custom
Floor to Footplate Clearance  1"
Floor to User Foot 2.25"+
Footrest Dimensions Standard Width-Length 15.25"x 18" 
Tray Width-Depth 22"x 22" 

Prodije Kid Standing Frame Supine, Prone or Hybrid Model

The "KID" Standing Frame is a high quality device specifically designed for children (34"- 50") requiring prone, supine and/or upright positioning and support. Custom-built and equipped with soft adjustable postural aids make the "KID" Standing Frame comfortable for the child. This sturdy stander has a gas-cylinder tilt-control mechanism for smooth and safe angle changes. The device arrives at its final destination totally assembled, sized and adjusted. Floor-level footplate ensures children are at eye-level with their peers, encouraging social interaction and reinforcing self-esteem. It is easily disassembled into two sections without losing its adjustments. Just one simple Allen key is needed for adjustments.

Available also in a Hybrid model, this versatile standing frame is ideal for diagnoses which fluctuate between supine and prone positioning needs. The "KID" Hybrid Standing Frame is also a practical choice for multi-need public settings such as schools, therapeutic or rehabilitation centres and other facilities working with a variety of conditions. The Prodije Hybrid "KID" Standing Frame converts easily to/from a prone to supine position in under 2 minutes. No additional tools or parts are required for the hybrid conversion process.

Comes equipped with a polycarbonate tray. Headrest, mount and related hardware sold separately. Custom parts and accessories available. 2-year limited warranty on parts and labour.


  • Fully adjustable device (height, depth, width, angle) for physical changes and growth.
  • Locking gas-cylinder mechanism for safe and easy angle adjustment (0° to 90°)
  • Aluminum frame.
  • Hook and Loop footrest plate surface and foot sandal for unlimited foot positioning.
  • Sturdy locking caster wheels. 
  • “PLUS” Grow feature offers up to 5 additional inches of height for some users.
  • Custom parts and accessories available. 

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