R82 Bronco Gait Trainer


Seat Height 10.5"-14.5" (size 0), 12.5"-20" (size 1), 16.75"-23.75" (size 2)
Width 23", 25.75", 28.5"
Length 37", 41.75", 48.75"
Height 20.25"-25", 22.5"-31.5", 25"-39"
Angle range 17°
Weight 27.5 lbs., 30 lbs., 34 lbs.
Weight Capacity 66 lbs., 88 lbs., 110 lbs.

R82 Bronco Gait Trainer

The Bronco is a gait training aid that encourages the child to stand and walk. It is built up like the Pony, but with a more stable frame with four large wheels. The Bronco provides excellent support for the chest while keeping the child's pelvis firmly in place. It is available in three sizes and suitable for children between the ages of 1 and a half to 8 years. Not all children are alike-that is why it is important to use the measuring chart to find the correct size. The Bronco is for both indoor and outdoor use.



  • Adjustable forward lean accommodates the optimal walking angle
  • Height adjustment saddle
  • Back support allows for height and depth adjustment
  • Wheel locks secure the Bronco for easy transfer
  • Available in three sizes: 0, 1, 2

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