R82 Nandu Seat


Seat Width 8.5", 9.75", 11.5", 12.5"
Seat Depth 6.75" - 9.25", 8.25" - 11", 9.25" - 12", 11" - 14"
Seat Height Above Floor 8.5" - 14.75", 8.5" - 14.75", 12.5" - 18.75", 12.5" - 18.75"
Frame Width, total 19.5"
Frame Length, total 21.75"
Seat Angle 8 degrees
Weight 28.5 lbs, 30 lbs, 31 lbs, 33 lbs
Max. Load 110 lbs.

R82 Nandu Seat

Nandu is a small seat for active children. Nandu will support active children who need a little help to join in the fun whether at school or at home. Allow child to have feet on floor or if preferred, add a footplate to support child’s feet. It is easier to stay alert if you are comfortable which is why the Nandu seat is padded and adjustable for a perfect fit. The Nandu is available in four sizes, each with up to 16 cm continuous height adjustment and up to 8 degrees forward tilt. The back rest can be reversed to provide abdominal support when in the forward leaning position. This design will help children sit up to work without having to work to sit up!



  • Smooth and Accurate Height Adjustment
  • Forward Tilt
  • Dual Use Chest or Back Support

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