R82 Wallaroo


Sizes The Wallaroo is available in one size.
Colours Grey, Blue and Red.
Width 11¾ -13¾”
Depth 10½”
Height 26¾”
Maximum User Weight (Canada only) 66 lbs.
Product Weight 27 lbs.
Accessories Pommel back, support tray with pads, seat extension, spica insert cushion kit

R82 Wallaroo Car Seat

The Wallaroo™ is a forward-facing child restraint providing safety, style, comfort, and support. A variety of optional accessories offers additional positioning in the head, trunk, and pelvic areas. A foam headrest will keep the child’s head and neck secure. A 5-point padded harness easily adjusts to fit your growing child and an optional seat depth expansion feature creates even more growth. LATCH options provide for safe and convenient installation. An optional wedge achieves a 30° seat angle tilt ensures the best comfort for your child and installation angle for your vehicle. The Wallaroo™ is an exceptional child restraint which makes traveling convenient for the whole family.



  • Safe Transportation - The Wallaroo™ conforms to FMVSS 213.3 U.S. standards and CMVSS 213.3 Canadian standards
  • Comfortable Positioning - Positioning wedges offer positioning in the head, trunk and pelvic areas
  • Washable fabric - Wallaroo™ fabric is removable and washable at 60°̊, making it easy to clean the seat as well as wash the fabric. The inlay is water repellent.
  • 30° recline - When the recline wedge is used, the Wallaroo has a 30° tilt

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