mobile transfer device for clients


Overall length 48"
Overall width 31" (min) – 52" (max)
Overall height 39" (min) – 72.5" (max)
Turning diameter 56"
Mass of SoloLift 140 lbs.
Maximum working load 350 lbs.
Maximum user height 6'4

Rifton SoloLift

The SoloLift is a mobile transfer device. With zero lifting, it enables a single caregiver to transfer a client weighing up to 350 lbs to and from a wheelchair, chair, toilet, gait trainer, bed, or the floor. It creates many new opportunities for easier and more dignified transfers by lifting clients in a natural sit-to-stand arc, from above the waist, using the specialized SoloVest.


  • Built-in SoloLift Scale
  • Low-profile lift arm
  • Innovative SoloVest made w/ medical-grade anti-microbial and anti-slip materials for durability
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Simple of leg strap design
  • Zero assembly and long battery life
  • A streamlined base and frame

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