Roho Group AirLite Cushion


Pre-Set, Sealed Air Cell Polyurethane
Cover Fluid resistant polyurethane film laminated to 2 way stretch Polyester knit, and non skid bottom.
Available to fit chairs
Weight Varies by size, approximately 2.17 lbs. / 1 kg(18" x 16")
Weight Limit 250 lbs. / 114 kg
Warranty 24-month limited

Roho Group AirLite® Cushion

The Roho AirLite is designed for comfort and peace of mind, the AirLITE combines the benefits of a sealed air support pad and a durable contoured foam to provide postural support and optimal durability. The non-adjustable pre-set air support pad, uses patented Roho Air Flotation technology, while a contoured high density foam base positions the body in a comfortable position, creating one of the most effective and easy-to-use cushions on the market today.


  • Comfort: By combining a contoured, anatomical-shaped foam with a pre-set, sealed Air Flotation component,
    the AirLITE enables clients to sit comfortably for an extended time. AirLITE’s technology and design provides the comfort clients want and the support they need.
  • Durability: Foam wears out. Most foam cushions will compress over time. The AirLITE cushion’s pre-set, sealed Air Floatation component provides comfort and peace of mind you can count on long after other “just foam” cushions have lost their effectiveness.
  • Positioning: The contoured shape of the AirLITE cushion provides clients with support for basic positioning needs. Leg (femur) troughs and an ischial well provide support for lower extremity control, stability and comfort.
  • Lightweight: It weighs only 2.17 pounds (1kg). Compare this to alterative technologies at two to four times the weight of the AirLITE. A lightweight cushion makes a mobility system easier to propel and transport.
  • Fluid Resistant: The breathable, fluid resistant cover protects the cushion from odor and is machine washable.
  • Security: The non-skid bottom increases security of the cushion in the chair.

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