Roho® LTV Seat® Cushion

The secret to the extraordinary comfort of this cushion is the valve. It lets you customize the seat to your specific comfort level. Roho Shape Fitting Technology makes the difference. The LTV Seat Cushion is made of individual, interconnected air cells that allow air to slowly transfer from chamber to chamber and evenly distribute body weight pressure. Weighing only one (1) pound, the LTV Seat Cushion is lightweight and easy to fold. It can easily be transported from your scooter, to the car or wherever you may need a cushion for use outside of a wheelchair. Take it anywhere!


  • Comfort: Adjustable interconnected air-filled cells redistribute your body weight. Padded cover adds an extra level of comfort.
  • Lightweight design makes it easy to fold and carry your LTV seat cushion from car to office to stadium to plane It works great
    as second cushion for use in your automobile.
  • Adjust it how you want it: an easily accessible valve allows you to adjust the air level to one that works best for you.
  • Designer Covers: Choose from three cover models.

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