Sunrise Medical Quickie P 222 SE Power Wheelchair


Product Weight Approx. 115 lbs. w/o batteries
Maximum speed 8.5 mph
Weight Capacity 350 lbs.
Product Width 14" - 24" seat width
Product Length/Depth 14" - 24" seat depth
Product Height 18" - 20" seat to floor
Electronic Options QTRONIX remote joystick, QTRONIX USCM (specialty controls)
Performance Packages (Speed in mph) 8.5 mph/ 350 lb. weight capacity
Battery Type 22NF, Group 24
Overall Width 24.5" (14" - 20" seat widths), 27.75" (22", 24" seat widths)
Drive Wheel Size 12"
Drive Tire Knobby, V-Groove
Caster Options 8", 8" (suspension), 9"

Sunrise Medical Quickie® P-222 SE Power Wheelchair

The powerful and compact design of the Quickie P-222 SE offers the optimum in performance, style and maneuverability. New four pole motors provide a top speed of 8.5mph. The sleek, compact styling is visually appealing and allows the rider to maneuver in tight environments. The quick-release power pack and optional manual conversion kit deliver both convenience and transportability.


  • Fun to drive
  • Free Wheel Release Levers
  • Worm Drive Gear Box
  • CG Tilt
  • PosiDriveTechnology
  • Standard Seat Suspension
  • Stronger Dual Bearing Caster Housing
  • Standard Remote Joystick
  • Manual Conversion Kit
  • Quick Release Power Pack
  • Adjustable Rear Dynamic Stabilizer
  • Optional Suspension Caster Forks
  • Optional Fixed Front Hangers

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