Symmetrikit Tiltrite Chair Small


power NB We do not offer this size with electric power.

Symmetrikit Tiltrite Chair - Small

Offering younger users the versatility of the Medium chair, the small Tiltrite can also be used as a "Tilt in Space" chair, a bed, for prone lying or head down for drainage. Suitable for 2-7 years of age. It is the most versatile chair available and has many adjustments.


  • Also available with Fingerform back option where extra support is required.
  • Arms which can be independently adjusted in height. They can also be tilted backwards or forwards, inwards or outwards.
  • Removable arms for side access.
  • The seat width and seat length can be altered.
  • Adjustable back height.
  • Adjustable recline
  • Hinged headrest and adjustable wings.
  • Adjustable footrest height and angle.
  • True Tilt in Space. (The chair can be tilted back or forward without altering ankle/knee/hip/back angles).
  • Your chair can be used flat for side lying, prone, and supine positions.
  • Combined with the tilt in space, ‘Head Down’ positions can be used for postural drainage.
  • Depending on the model covers can be removed for machine washing or wiped clean in situ.

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