Meet Cameron

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Meet Cameron

An experienced mobility equipment Technician, Cameron – also known as Cam to his colleagues and clients – transitioned the skills he originally built in contracting and house maintenance to his roles as a Delivery Driver, Sales Consultant, and other positions at Motion over the years. Throughout his over 30-year career at Motion, Cameron has made a significant impact on the lives of hundreds of our clients of all ages. 

What was your professional experience before joining Motion, and what drew you to this role?

Before joining Motion, I was in building contracting and house maintenance. I came to Motion looking for somewhere I could grow as an employee and person. And I believe that Motion has allowed me to do that. As a result, I have become way more compassionate and grateful as a person. And as a technician, I’ve been able to diversify my skills and apply new information, solving problems quickly. Thirty years ago, I started as a Delivery Driver and worked my way through multiple roles, including Sales and management. But, I continue to be drawn toward what I enjoy the most – working with clients.

Do you have a customer service story that you find motivates you?

I had the chance to work with a young client, a little girl named Susie who was very comfortable in her wheelchair but didn’t move around much. We were hosting a clinic day with a bunch of kids using a range of equipment; it was Susie’s turn to try a walker. She had been in her wheelchair all day, relatively unengaged. But when we put her in the walker, it was like she woke up. She walked to her parents with this energy and smile and they were blown away. It was simply the act of giving her access to this device. I would never have known in all my experience that she would react this way. So that’s why we try a range of equipment to determine what works best to positively enhance our clients’ lives.

What’s the one thing someone who works at Motion will find professionally satisfying?

The work you’ll be a part of is everything you want in a role. Motion fosters a workplace culture of collaboration; approaching problems differently but together, and coming up with solutions with our clients always at top of mind. I think that’s one of the most inspiring things about truly meeting the needs of our clients.

I’ve worked here for 30-plus years, and I’ve seen it grow from a family business to a company with locations across multiple provinces, not just in major cities. We’re genuinely helping Canadians. Sometimes we give our clients a little bit of independence, but that little bit is more than they had when they first came to see us, so that’s always a win. These milestones are meaningful to us as well as the clients, the therapists, and the families. We share in our expertise and, as a result, get to share in their joy.

What do you do with your team for fun?

We have a great manager at our location, and we enjoy healthy competition with an incentive program that allows everybody to be involved. We’re also big on celebrations, so I tell people, if you come to Motion, chances are you’ll get a piece of cake at least once a month. It truly allows us some downtime to bond and build connections.

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