Meet Stacey – Client Ambassador

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Meet Stacey – Client Ambassador

We are so excited to introduce our new Client Ambassador, Stacey Tetz! Following a back injury that left her an incomplete paraplegic at the T12 level, Stacey remains a competitive rowing and powerlifting athlete with the Canadian National Team. Watch out for Stacey as she pursues qualification for the 2024 Paralympics in Paris!

My name is Stacey Tetz and I am 41 years old. I was born and raised in Calgary, AB and have been living on Vancouver Island since 2020. I broke my back in a school yard accident in 1995 at the age of 13 leaving me an incomplete paraplegic at the T12 level.

Before breaking my back, I had been a competitive swimmer at the National Level. My love of sport and competition has stayed with me my entire life. In 2019, I began rowing and started to excel quickly as a para competitor, which is what led me to move to the Island where the Canadian National Team trains. I began training with the National Team shortly after moving to Victoria as a prospective member and in 2021 I won a bronze medal at the Canadian National Championships. Sadly, at the beginning of 2022, the National Para-rowing team collapsed with the loss of its head coach and we were left somewhat directionless. 

Stacey posing with her silver medal from the 2023 Parapan Americas Cup that took place in Veracruz, Mexico.

Through rowing, I had the good fortune to meet some truly fantastic contacts in the world of para-sport and I found myself connected to powerlifting and I took to it very quickly. In 2022, after several conversations with the head of para-powerlifting for the Canadian Powerlifting Union, it was determined that I was Canadian Team material and should pursue the sport at a high level and I was officially welcomed to Team Canada! Despite a rotator cuff tear, I competed at the 2022 Parapan Championships in St. Louis, Missouri where I placed 7th. I was also, at that time, the only female athlete on the team. For the rest of the year, I healed my shoulder and underwent two elective but major surgeries. 

Two of Stacey’s athletic medals next to a small Canada flag and two multi-coloured animal heads made from pottery.

By February 2023, I was fully healed and competed at the Canadian National Championships where I won silver. After many discussions, some very difficult, with my coach and the head of para-powerlifting for Canada, it was determined that I should attempt to qualify for the 2024 Paralympics in Paris! And that brings us to where I am now. I have just arrived home from the 2023 Parapan Americas Cup in Veracruz, Mexico where I took silver. This August I attended the 2023 World Cup in Dubai, a required competition on the Paralympic pathway and I am currently waiting to hear if the Canadian Paralympic Committee will grant me a spot on the 2023 PanAm Games Team. I should find out soon! In 2024, I will attend two World Cups, one in Thailand and the other in England, which will serve as the Paralympic qualifiers. 

When I am not in the gym, I am a full-time 911/Police Dispatcher for EComm911 where I dispatch and call-evaluate for South Vancouver Island. I was previously a Police Dispatch in Calgary and now have over 10 years on the job.

Check out this video from Stacey for International Wheelchair Day where she explains how her wheelchair allows her to be who she is today.

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