Meet Suki

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Meet Suki

Originally joining in a temporary role, Suki’s passion for technology and love for working directly to impact clients’ lives has turned into a career at Motion.

What got you started in this industry? What drew you to Motion?

I’ve always wanted to work in technology and was originally placed with Motion through a temp agency in an administrative role. After a year, I was hired for a full-time Client Care position, which led to an opportunity to express my interest in working as an equipment technician. Motion offered me product training and a unique role at Toronto’s largest children’s physical rehabilitation hospital where I work with kids and their families to customize and repair life-changing equipment such as complex wheelchairs.

When the opportunity to work full-time at Motion came up, I took it – and I’m so glad that this was the decision I made. I have stayed with Motion because I enjoy the creativity that we employ when we come up with customized solutions for our clients. That rewarding feeling after connecting with our clients is something I highly value.

What do you experience at Motion that you might not experience somewhere else?

Motion is the type of company where we receive the rightful appreciation for our work. It feels rewarding to earn recognition for our efforts, and the immense support we receive from the team keeps us motivated to always do better.

What have you learned while working here that has allowed you to grow in your career?

In my time working at Motion, I’ve discovered that every day is a chance to learn something new. I believe that supporting your fellow teammates is crucial to success, but so is understanding the demanding nature of the business.

I believe in seeking out opportunities for training to learn more about Motion’s collection of products. This and maintaining strong relationships with equipment manufacturers and our healthcare partners keep me and my fellow team members well engaged.

How does Motion support its employees when it comes to professional development and career growth opportunities?

The management at Motion is dedicated to supporting the career growth of its staff, holding frequent meetings to help us better understand the business and to support meeting our goals. In my case, my manager noticed my interest in becoming a technician and organized training for me to learn the craft. They also connected me to mentors who coached me to grow through invaluable hands-on experience.

How is Motion different from other product supply companies and within the industry?

Motion is recognized for the remarkable products and excellent customer experience we deliver to our clients. We go the extra mile to educate clients and healthcare partners on the equipment we sell and how best to maintain it, so that we can ensure the people we care for are able to live life to its fullest.

Why should someone want to work with Motion? What do you find professionally satisfying?

Motion is a wonderful place to build foundational knowledge on a wide range of mobility and home accessibility equipment that impacts lives. Not only have I learned valuable mechanical skills as a technician, but the continual opportunity to engage my creativity when resolving the challenges that clients face when using the equipment has been professionally and personally satisfying. It is a heartwarming feeling to see the happiness in children, and their parents, as they finally get to drive their new wheelchair, enjoying the independent movement that they’ve gone without for so long.

How do Motion’s values form and support the culture at its workplace, and how do you strive to live and demonstrate these values?

Motion’s primary values have always centred on delivering the best support to our clients across the country, and these same principles are reflected in how they treat us as their staff. They support the professional development and well-being of employees through training, mentorship, and acts of appreciation for their work. Just as we strive to build long-lasting relationships with our clients and the community, so do we respect each other as colleagues in the workplace and in the industry. Motion has offered me the tools to grow my skills and, with this opportunity, I will keep learning to better support our clients.

If working to make the world a better place for people needing mobility devices appeals to you, then join us at Motion and begin making a difference in the lives of others.

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