Boy siting in Portable Ceiling Lift


Weight 14 lbs.
Lifting Capacity 440 lbs.
Vertical displacement speed 4.3 cm/sec (1.7 in/sec)
Rechargeable sealed lead acid (2X) 12VDC, 2.3Ah
Intelligent and fast charging system 2 to 4 hrs for complete charge
Battery capacity with load of 80 kg / 180 lb / 12.6 st Up to 30 transfers
Low battery disconnect system Protects batteries from being drained
Charge indicator Visual
Length of Strap 88" (2.2 m)
Frame Material Steel
Cover Fire Retardant Plastic

ARJO Medical V3 Portable Ceiling Lift

Our V3 portable track lift combines a solidly engineered design with features you would never expect to find in a portable. Its compact size, folding spreader bar and integrated carry handle make the V3 easy to move from room to room.



  • Soft start and stop movement
  • Return-to-charge function on handset
  • Emergency lowering device (manual)
  • Device for emergency stop of the mechanism
  • Current limiter and emergency stopping device
  • The V3 weighs only 14 lbs
  • Lifting capacity of 440 lbs
  • Wide set sling hooks allow a more comfortable transfer for the patient
  • An ergonomically designed handset and secondary controls mounted on the lift provide real convenience for the caregiver
  • When it is time to charge the V3, simply plug it into the nearest outlet; the charger has been integrated into the lift

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