12” Bath Shower Tub Grab Rail

12” Bath Shower Tub Grab Rail

The 12″ Bath Shower Tub Grab Rail by Drive Medical is designed to fit almost any style of bathtub. The assist bar is an attractive white color which is aesthetically pleasing.

Depending on preference, the grip bar comes in different variations allowing the perfect fit for any needs.

Available in two different heights, 12″ or 16.5″, the 16.5″ model also features a second hand grip position that provides support for users lying down in the bath tub.

The bath rails attach by turning the locking mechanism, which tightens the secure grip pads on all bath tub contact points. The pads prevent scratching of the tub’s surface and ensure a secure fit. The shower rail is easy to install without needing tools.

Not only will the Bath Shower Tub Grab Rail improve the bathing experience, but also blend into any bathroom décor.

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Addtional Features
  • Attractive, ergonomically designed tub rail provides a comfortable, safe grip
  • Tool free, easy-to-install
  • Width adjusts from 2.75" - 6
Manufacturer Details
Drive Medical
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