Elite outdoor curved stairlift

Elite outdoor curved stairlift

The Elite curved outdoor stairlift by Bruno precisely matches the elevation and angles of any staircase.

Relax outdoors with an easy-to-use Elite curved outdoor stairlift – built for varying weather conditions and customized for each stairway.

Explore the details

  • Marine-grade vinyl, durable outdoor paint and waterproof cover protect stairlift. Performance tested -15°C to 52°C (0°F to 125°F).
  • Armrest control glides stairlift up and down. Seat swivels up to 90° at top landing for safe exit away from stairs. Keyed remote call/send also standard.
  • Custom-made rail maximizes open space on stairs, artfully follows every angle and facilitates a smooth ride. Covered gear rack reduces exposure to grease, dirt.
  • Narrow vertical rail maintains maximum open space on steps. Footrest, arms, seat fold up when not in use.
  • Battery-operation ensures lift works even in power outage. Obstruction sensors and retractable seat belt keep stairlift rider safe.

Fit is everything

The way a product feels, fits, and moves is at the heart of how well it will suit you, and your daily life.

That’s why we offer clients the opportunity to visit our locations and get a true sense of any given product. Motion isn’t a place. It’s a partnership, and a promise: we work with you to turn our products into possibilities.

Product Specifications
Weight capacity 400 lbs
Temperature tested -15°C to 52°C (0°F to125°F)
Warranty 5-Year limited
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