Geo-Matrix Silverback Max

Geo-Matrix Silverback Max

Where extra skin protection is necessary, Blake Medical’s Silverback Max has an extra layer of gel that provides superior vibration dampening qualities, making it an exceptionally comfortable and protective back for power wheelchair users.

The Silverback Max also still incorporates a vertical insert of Geo-Matrix™ pillow top gel that targets protection to the high-risk area around the spinal column. The spinal inserts ensure optimal comfort and skin protection from the shear that results when wheelchairs tilt and recline, reducing the risk of pressure wounds.


  • Superior vibration dampening
  • Exceptionally comfortable
  • Reduces risk of pressure wounds on the spine
  • Beneficial to address over-curvature of the spine (kyphosis)
  • Ultra stretchy and breathable fabric for maximum immersion‎ and temperature control
  • Wipeable fabrics (additional charges apply)
  • Custom sizing – 27 standard size configurations available

Sizing chart

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Product Specifications
Construction 1.25” thick foam with spinal insert of blue gel that is 3.75” wide and runs the full height of the back with a full layer of pillow top that covers the entire face of the backrest.
Thickness Foam and gel 2”
Standard sizes See Matrix Sizing Chart for 27 standard size configurations
Manufacturer Details
Blake Medical
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