Meywalk® 2000

Meywalk® 2000

The Meywalk® 2000’s stands out in the market of assistive technology by being spring suspended. The springs stimulate the muscles of the user and the movements that are a part of a natural gait are imitated. This way the gait pattern is developed. The seat unit can easily be lowered, making entry and exit easier for the user. The body posture of the user can be set in any position from vertical to 15° forward tilt, making it possible to find the body inclination that gives the user the best control. The Meywalk® 2000 is made with materials of high quality, which guarantee long life, maximum reliability and minimum maintenance.

Fit is everything

The way a product feels, fits, and moves is at the heart of how well it will suit you, and your daily life.

That’s why we offer clients the opportunity to visit our locations and get a true sense of any given product. Motion isn’t a place. It’s a partnership, and a promise: we work with you to turn our products into possibilities.

Addtional Features
  • Easy adjustment
  • Dynamic spring action
  • Promotes natural gait
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Adjustable angle handlebar encourages more upright or forward trunk orientation
  • For Indoor and Outdoor Use (on hard, flat surfaces)
Product Specifications
Small / Medium / Large
LENGTH (CM) 85 / 95 / 95
SEAT/GROIN HEIGHT (CM) 48 - 66 / 62 - 86 / 76 - 100
TRUNK SUPPORT HEIGHT (CM) 81 - 100 / 94 - 117 / 108 - 131
WHEEL SIZE, FRONT (MM) 150x50 / 200x50 / 200x50
WHEEL SIZE, REAR (MM) 400x50 / 400x50 / 400x50
WEIGHT (KG) 22 / 25 / 26
MAXIMUM USER WEIGHT (KG) 100 / 100 / 100
Manufacturer Details
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