PDG Mobility Fuze T50 Jr Manual Wheelchair


Seat Width (adjustable) 12" - 18"
Seat Depth (adjustable) 13" - 18"
Seat Height (adjustable) 13" - 20"
Back Angle (adjustable) 90° - 120°
Back Height 20" and 25"
Dynamic Tilt 50°
Overall Length (no front rigging) 24"
Weight Capacity 180 lbs.
Chair Weight 31 lbs.
Warranty PDG’s exclusive TGIF warranty (Thank Goodness It Fits) Lifetime guarantee on the frame.

PDG Mobility Fuze T50 Jr. Manual Wheelchair

The Fuze T50 Jr. features a beautiful look, fit, and finish. With a multitude of options and possible adjustments, occupant satisfaction is assured. Plus, the Fuze T50 Jr. is so easy to set up, adjust, and move that wheelchair operation could not be simpler!


  • Small Footprint
  • ISO tested
  • WC-19 Crash Tested
  • Transit Ready option
  • Adjustable chair width Grows 12”w to 18”w
  • 50 degrees of effortless tilt,
  • Zero Centre-of-Gravity Shift
  • Sleek durable frame with attractive finish
  • Adjustable Axle & Seat Height

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