R82 Gazelle Stander PS


Width, total 19”, 23”, 26”
Length, total 30", 35”, 39”
Length, foot-axila 18" - 37”, 24" - 41”, 28" - 49”
Height, when horizontal 30”, 31.5”, 33.5" - 46.5"
Height, folded 19.5", 27.5", 35”
Length, folded 11”, 12”, 51”
Angle, board 90° to -15°
Weight 44 lbs, 48 lbs., 53 lbs.
Weight Capacity 88 lbs., 132 lbs., 176 lbs.

R82 Gazelle Stander PS

Gazelle PS stands for Prone and Supine. It means that Gazelle PS can be used by children who need to be supported on their fronts or backs. The many adjustment possibilities and the wide range of accessories mean that it is adjustable to children with different types of disabilities. The standing position is very important for both the physical and psychological well-being. When the child is placed in the prone position, the maximum stretch of both hip and knee is obtained. Gazelle PS is available in three sizes and is suitable for children from 1 to 14 years of age. Not all children are alike - that is why it is important to use the measuring chart to find the correct size for the child.



  • Tilt vertical-horizontal
  • Foldable
  • Manual leg abduction
  • Multi-adjustable foot supports
  • Available in three sizes

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