Models and Variations Standard, Heavy-Duty, Pediatric
Product Length/Depth 35.875" (without front riggings)
Weight Capacity 300 lbs. (standard), 400 lbs. (heavy-duty)
Overall Width 23.375” w/ Narrow Frame, 25.375” w/ Standard Frame
Rear Wheel Options Cast Wheel Pneumatic Tire, Cast Wheel Pneumatic with Flat-Free inserts
Seat-to-Floor Height 16.5” (without power seating), 17.25” with power tilt

Sunrise Quickie Xplore 2 Power Wheelchair

The Quickie® Xplore 2™ is the most hybrid product available. This wheelchair offers the best of both worlds; the traction of a rear wheel drive and the short turning radius of a mid-wheel drive wheelchair. The fast speed of the Xplore 2™ makes it the ideal choice for someone spending a lot of time outdoors and who wants to go the distance. Safe and comfortable, the 6-wheel independent suspension is offered in Standard, Heavy Duty and Pediatric.


  • No adjustments needed to achieve stability and traction with its hybrid base
  • Hard movements and vibrations are controlled while riding over uneven surfaces and not absorbed by the seat or user
  • Independent suspension stabilizes the seat in downhill and uphill transitions to keep the user comfortable
  • Steer correcting feature improves maneuverability at low speed and helps maintain a straight trajectory for non-proportional specialty controls or when in latch mode in indoor or outdoor environments

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