We offer a wide range of rental equipment to meet your short-term mobility and accessibility needs. Please contact the Motion Specialties location nearest you or submit the form below for availability, details and pricing. Note that not all products are available for rent at every location.

Rental Wheelchairs

Transport Chairs

Available in 17" or 19" widths. Tranport chairs are the lightest wheelchair option and are used for short distances where the user is pushed by a companion. These are ideal for lifting in and out of a car.

Manual Folding Wheelchairs

Manual Folding wheelchairs can be ordered in specific sizes. Sling upholstery is included. Standard sizes support up to 250 lbs. Higher weight capacities, alternate seating options, and special configurations may also be available at an additional cost.

Manual Tilt Wheelchairs

Tilting wheelchairs allow the user to be repositioned to prevent wounds onset by pressure and shearing. Their positioning also assists to hold the user in place without added restraint. These chairs do not fold and require specialized seating components in addition to the wheelchair rental.

Power Wheelchair

Power wheelchairs can be ordered in specific sizes. Seating options and special configurations may also be available at an additional cost.


Heavy Duty Scooter

Larger Seat and heavy duty capacity. Recommended for users with weight exceeding 250lbs.

Mid-Size Scooter

Our most popular scooters. For indoor and outdoor use. Recommended for clients under 250lbs.

Portable Travel Scooter

Disassemble to fit in the trunk of a car. Lightweight and not suitable for heavy users.

Wheelchair Addons

Amputee Board

Additional component required to support the stump in above the knee amputations.

Back Support

Pressure relieving postural seating for sitting in a wheelchair extended periods of time. Not available on transport chairs.


Pressure relieving foam, air, or gel filled cushions.

Elevating Leg Rests

Specify left or right. Elevating legrests lift the leg to promote circulation and offer support to injury. Also suitable for additional repositioning over long periods of time in the chair.

Oxygen Holder

Holds oxygen tanks for easier travel.


Available on most manual wheelchairs or tilt wheelchairs. Primarily used for positioning.

Lifts & Transfers

Stair Lifts

Power operated stair lift carries the user up and down stairs. Rental is available for straight staircases only. Must be rented for a minimum of 3 months. Installation requires drilling into existing staircase.

Lift Chairs

Lift Chairs raise and lower to assist the user in getting in and out of the chair with minimal strain on hip and knee joints. Often rented post-hip/knee surgeries. Typically require a minimum 3 month rental.


Bed Assist Rail

Assists the user in transferring in and out of bed.

Fully Electric Hospital Beds

Head, foot, and bed platform move by pushing a button on the remote. Ideal for repositioning the user or to lift and lower the bed for caregiving and transferring.

Overbed Table

Mounted on castors, the table legs are designed to roll underneath the bed frame allowing the table top to be positioned over the user.

Bathroom Safety Equipment

Bedside Commodes

Stationary commode used bedside for patients who are having difficulty getting to the washroom at night. Also used over the toilet to give added height adjustment. Pail or splash guard must be purchased in addition to the rental time.

Shower Commodes

Wheeled commodes used to assist in showering. Seat cutout also known as hygiene cutout provides easier access for cleaning.

Bath Stool

Bath chair without back gives seating support for showering

Bath Chair with Back

Bath chair without back gives back and seat support for showering

Clamp on Tub Rail

Tool-free installation allows this tub rail to be rented. Clamp on bar attaches to side of tub to provide support entering and exiting the

Transfer Bench

A transfer bench offers the same support for bathing as a bath chair with back however the extended seat sits over the edge of the tub allowing the user to safely sit on the edge of the tub in order to transfer in/out.

Raised Toilet Seat with Clamp

Raised Toilet seat clamps onto the toilet to assist in getting up/down from a seated position. Recommended for post knee/hip surgery.

Raised Toilet Seat with Clamp and Arms

Raised Toilet seat clamps onto the toilet to assist in getting up/down from a seated position. Includes arms for additional support. Recommended for post knee/hip surgery.

Walkers and Canes


4 Wheeled walkers with brakes and a seat. Available in seat heights of 18", 21" and 24". Supports up to 250 lbs. Bariatric weight capacities are also available.


Basic Aluminum Frame walkers do not have a seat and are suitable for indoor use. Standard configuration comes with 2 front wheels and rear gliders. Swivel wheels are available at an additional fee.

Quad Canes

Quad canes offer additional support over a basic cane to improve balance and stability when a walker is not needed.

minimum of 1 week rental
E.g., 2018-12-18
E.g., 2018-12-18