Our Mobility & Accessibility Consultants are RRTS® Certified

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Our Mobility & Accessibility Consultants are RRTS® Certified

Motion partnered with CADA and NRRTS to fill the gap and create a Canadian-specific accreditation for providers of complex rehab solutions.

To fill the gap of a Canadian-specific accreditation for people who specialize in providing complex rehab solutions, Motion partnered with the Canadian Assistive Devices Association (CADA) and the National Registry of Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers (NRRTS) to develop a Registered Rehab Technology Supplier (RRTS®) designation specific to the Canadian market. 

Our team becoming RRTS certified

Formally launching in mid-November 2020, we are very pleased that more than 50 of our Mobility & Accessibility Consultants and administrative support employees have received their RRTS® certification. The completion of an RRTS® certification highlights the commitment of our team members across Canada to advance their knowledge, training, and experience to best support our work alongside our partner therapists to meet the unique equipment needs of our clients. 

We look forward to all of our Mobility and Accessibility Consultants and many others becoming RRTS® certified in the near future, which will enhance our mission to deliver customized solutions that make life accessible for everyone.

About CADA

The Canadian Assistive Devices Association (CADA) represents Canada’s manufacturers, distributors and vendors of assistive devices and supplies. CADA’s mission is to enhance independence through the provision of assistive devices to Canadians with disabilities. CADA believes that access to high-quality, healthcare technology is critical to improving the independence of Canadians.


The National Registry of RehabilitationTechnology Supplier (NRRTS) organization has been instrumental in setting and maintaining high standards in the Complex Rehab Technology industry. Before NRRTS there were no standards, no certification, no supplier qualifications, and fewer equipment options. Anyone could provide wheelchairs and seating as there was no complaint process and no Code of Ethics being provided. NRRTS was incorporated in 1992 and has evolved through the years with an in-depth application process. NRRTS registrants must meet rigorous standards, and after a review process and approval, obtain the designation, RRTS® and CRTS®.

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