Celebrating International Wheelchair Day 2023

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Celebrating International Wheelchair Day 2023

Each and every day, Motion celebrates wheelchairs; the people who use them and our employees who play an important role in creating the customized fit and function for our wonderful clients. But on March 1st – International Wheelchair Day – people across the globe also join in this celebration to honour the positive impact wheelchairs have on so many lives worldwide.

Motion clients and wheelchair users Brianna Seewald (Instagram: @rainetaylor19) and Beau Hayward (Instagram: @its_beau_2.0) have shared their experiences with all of you, and to mark International Wheelchair Day Brianna shares a special video message about what her customized wheelchair means to her:

We look forward to bringing you so many more stories from our clients whose lives have been changed through their mobility and accessibility equipment – clients like 3-year-old Francesca.

Meet Francesca

Francesca is 3 years old. She is here with her family from Ecuador with the hope of someday moving their life to Canada full-time to continue to access the critical care that Francesca requires to make life accessible. Francesca and her family have been working closely with Motion Consultant Jen (pictured in blue shirt), our local team, and the team at SMILE Therapy for Kids to be fitted for a range of equipment, including a small Tilite wheelchair in pink, a Vertiflex A stander, a Rabbit Stander, a Carrot car seat, and a Convaid cruiser stroller.

 “Of all her equipment, Francesca is most excited to use her new wheelchair. She is very independent with it and this equipment will be key for her and her family to continue to explore what Canada has to offer,” shares Jen, Motion Mobility & Accessibility Consultant.

Learn more about Francesca’s story on Instagram @vlf_ec and join us in showing support for people who use wheelchairs, spreading awareness about the importance of creating universally accessible environments, and giving thanks to the people who play a part in customizing wheelchairs to create the perfect fit.

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