Fall Prevention Month 2022: Feeling Safe at Home with Motion

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Fall Prevention Month 2022: Feeling Safe at Home with Motion

Did you know that falls are the leading cause of injury deaths, and hospitalizations, emergency department visits, and disability for individuals aged 65+ across all age groups (Parachute, 2021)? This is a striking fact seeing as falls can be prevented and avoided with the right equipment. 

This Fall Prevention Month, November annually, Motion’s priority is ensuring the safety of our clients with our products that make life accessible and help them stay in their own homes as long as possible. Through our network of experts in mobility and accessibility technology, accessible local, showrooms that allow clients to try out products that best suit their unique needs, and trained specialists that make home visits for assessments and equipment installation, Motion provides a comprehensive, one-stop product and service offering. 

At Motion, we believe in providing the best products to enhance our clients’ safety, mobility and independence. This Fall Prevention Month, we share our top products for home safety and accessibility to protect you and your loved ones from falls.

Entry & exit

To avoid falls in your home, you need to start at entryways and exits. Things like a broken railing or an unstable or steep walkway can lead to dangerous falls. To help protect you, Motion has safety options available for entryways and exits, such as ramps and vertical platform lifts (also known as wheelchair lifts), to reduce the risks.



One of the more dangerous areas of the home that can cause falls is stairs, especially for seniors. In fact, those aged 85 and older have the highest fall injury rate across all injury outcomes (Parachute, 2021). To help avoid falls in the home, Motion will help you safeguard stairs with the installation of a stairlift. This can be installed quickly in as little as one day to get you and your loved ones closer to complete home safety.

Bathroom and bedroom safety products

There is nothing Motion wants more than our clients to feel protected from falls in their homes, especially in their bedrooms and in the bathroom where surfaces can become slippery due to water. By introducing grab bars, a toilet safety frame, a hand-held shower, or a bathtub chair in the bathroom, the risk of falls is significantly decreased. And in the bedroom, where people want to feel safe and secure, products like height-adjustable beds, support and transfer devices like foam or air-filled mattresses and bed rails can make the world of difference.

Living area

The living area is where we all go to relax after a long day. For some, especially seniors, the living room can prove to be a hazardous space when they are trying to get around. Things you might not even think about like a low couch, unsecured throw rug, electrical cords, or the edge of a glass-top table can be hazardous and cause falls. Motion can help build a safe living space with products like power lift recliners (or lift-out recliner chairs), furniture risers, or a walker/rollator to provide stability.

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