The Acheeva Learning Station


Power 24 volt 3 function (tilt/height/mattress variator).
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The Acheeva Learning Station

The Acheeva® Learning Station’s compact design means that students with complex and continuing healthcare needs can be easily included in classroom activities. The Acheeva® is an adjustable learning station that helps pupils lie straighter and take part in activities in a supported, balanced position to improve posture and maximise function


  • The working height & angle are easily adjusted so children can make eye contact and communicate better with staff and other pupils. This enables them to experience a more inclusive environment.
  • The Acheeva® provides full support in supine, prone or side lying to protect body shape and respiratory function.
  • Powered height adjustment aids sliding or standing transfer and moving from the classroom to the bathroom can also be easily achieved with less disruption than a hoist.

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