Freedom Concepts Semi Recumbent Series ASR 2011


Inseam Measurement of inside leg, from crotch to the bottom of rider's shoe
Maximum Load 225 lbs.
Bike Weight 12 lbs. (Frame only)
Bike Weight 53 lbs. (Excludes Seat)
Wheel Size 20"
Frame Height 14" (w/o seat)
Transfer Height 22" (w/ seat)
Total Length 77"
Width 34"

Freedom Concepts Semi Recumbent Series ASR 2011

The ASR 2011 has many new and improved features especially in the Seating and Steering Systems. The 22" Transfer Height (with seat) is low to the ground for easy transferring and allows a natural position when getting on or off the bike. The stable extended three-wheel design enables persons with limited range of motion to have their legs further forward providing increased pedal power.


  • New Adjustable Seat with greater inseam range
  • Over 7" of forward/backward Seat Movement
  • Adjustable Seat Angle 0-10°
  • New Cable Actuated Rear Steer
  • High Ratio Side to Side Steering
  • Lock/Unlock Steering
  • New Nexus 8 Speed Shifter

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