Width, total 20.25" (size 1), 24.5" (size 2)
Width, inside frame 14.75", 17.5"
Width, inside chest support 6.5"-9", 9"-10.5"
Length 29.25", 35"
Height 25.25", 31.25"
Seat Height above Floor 6.5"-13.5", 12.75"-19.5"
Width between Handles 5.5"-13.5"
Height from Floor to Handles 14.5"-22.5", 20"-27.75"
Angle Range of Centre Bar 30
Turning Radius 0
User Height, floor to axil 14.75"-25.25", 23.5"-31.25"
Weight (w/o accessories) 22 lbs., 31 lbs.
Weight Capacity 66 lbs., 88 lbs.

R82 Mustang Gait Trainer

The Mustang is an anterior/posterior gait trainer that provides proper positioning and support for children while they learn the skills of stepping and walking. The Mustang provides excellent upper body support and adjustable angle positioning for forward tilt in the anterior configuration and full upright support in the posterior configuration. A variety of positioning accessories are available for children who need extra support, and are removable as their walking skills progress. The centre spar is dynamic and helps mimic the natural up and down movement of walking. The Mustang is an excellent choice for children with Cerebral Palsy and other developmental delays. It offers flexibility, growth and ease of use while children are learning to walk and adapting to their changing needs. It comes in two sizes suitable for children from 1 to 10 years of age.



    • Provides stability of the upper body & enables the user to focus energy on walking
    • Develops a more natural walking pattern
    • Easy to access
    • Foldable frame makes storage & transport easy
    • Available in two sizes: 1, 2

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