Trivel T250


Bike weight 66 lbs
Total length 71”
Frame height 45″
Wheel size 20″
Width 28″
User age 12+ years old
Leg length (measurement from greater trochanter to floor) 30” to 44”
Maximum load 300 lbs

Trivel Azteca

The Azteca model is our large tricycle for special needs designed to fit riders 12 years old and up. Whether a teenager or an adult suffers from mild balance problems, vertigo or similar issues, or simply feels more confident on a tricycle, they can now ride in stability and in style with the slick-designed, convenient and comfortable Azteca large adaptive tricycle. As a recreational trike, the Azteca comes with 21 gears. This sturdy tricycle features outstanding weather resistance and offers a smooth and stable ride, thanks to its low centre of gravity. It can be equipped with an optional Bionx electric-assist kit to help riders face steep hills or strong winds, without pedaling. Comfortable, stable and fun, the Azteca is the coolest-looking trike on the market!


  • Comfortable backrest 
  • Adjustable seat
  • 21 gears
  • Optional Bionx electric-assist kit
  • And more!

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