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Remaining in your own home as you grow older is known as “aging in place.” Our experts specialize in finding you the right equipment to stay at home comfortably, independently and safe; with or without the support of a loved one or caregiver.

Selecting the right home accessibility products and making home modifications can significantly decrease falls and/or minimize the impact of a fall in your home. 

Our team of experts are helping Canadians find complete home solutions to make their space safe and accessible.

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Functionality redefined.

Stairs can be particularly dangerous for seniors with mobility and vision issues. In fact, those over the age of 85 have the highest stair-related injury rates. From slippery carpet runners to loose railings, let Motion help you safeguard your stairs with the quick and easy installation of a straight, curved or custom stairlift. A stairlift can be installed in as quickly as one day and come in a variety of styles to suit your home décor.

Living area

Comfort with style.

The living room can prove quite hazardous for seniors struggling to get around. Simple things like a low couch, unsecured throw rug, electrical cords, or the edge of a glass-top table can cause problems. Motion can help you design a safe living space and introduce products such as a power lift recliner (or lift out recliner chair), furniture risers or a rollator that provide added support. 


Sleep with peace of mind.

Nighttime navigation is a valid concern for those aging in place. In addition to proper room design, Motion will help you with other considerations, such as height-adjustable beds, bed support and transfer items, smooth flooring and easy-to-open windows.


Safety and stability.

The bathroom can be an unnerving place for those with mobility issues. Slippery bathtubs, low toilet seats and unsecure towel racks are all potential threats. Let Motion show you how to outfit your bathroom with items such as a bath or shower seat, raised toilet seat, toilet safety frame, bathtub lift and secure grab bars.

On the go

Adventure awaits.

Installing the right equipment in your home so that you or a loved one can age in place is a great first step to keeping them safe. But don’t forget to safeguard against outdoor dangers, too! Talk to Motion about mobility options, like scooters (perfect for grocery shopping) and transport wheelchairs (to make getting to appointments easier), for seniors on the go.

Personal care & well-being

Everyday tasks made easier.

Products that support common tasks, such as dressing, grooming, travel, meal preparation and exercise; all while providing added safety and independence as well as promoting health.

Entry & Exit

Independence reimagined.

For seniors aging in place, safety begins at the entranceway. A slick walkway, broken railing, or unstable step could lead to a dangerous fall. Motion can help you identify danger zones and recommend products, like ramps and vertical platform lifts (also known as wheelchair lifts), to reduce the risks.

I have Motion for a medical supply company, and they are great. The staff that come to my home are the best I’ve ever had; very kind and understanding of my medical needs and explain everything until I understand how it works.

Dianne C.
Dianne C.

Fantastic place…it’s like [they] read our minds; know just what we want and need. Excellent service and follow up, as well as great service/repairs. Would never go anywhere else for our equipment.

Lisa L.
Lisa L.

Let’s keep you safe in your home. 

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