Stay safe at home longer

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Stay safe at home longer

Motion’s experts specialize in finding the right equipment for our clients to live comfortably, independently, and safe. We offer a variety of products that help make your home more accessible.

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Affordable, non-intrusive and safe, stairlifts can help you maintain your mobility and independence and make it easy to safely enjoy your entire home. Whether you need a stairlift to reach an upstairs bedroom or downstairs laundry, this is a fast and easy solution to make your space safe and accessible. With curved, straight, outdoor, and indoor stairlifts available, our team of experts can help you find the right stairlift to make life accessible. Available in both straight and custom curved models, stairlifts are suitable for any type of stairway. 

Entry & Exit

Safety begins at the entranceway. A slick walkway, broken railing, or unstable step could lead to a dangerous fall. Motion can help you identify danger zones and recommend products like ramps and vertical platform lifts (also known as wheelchair or porch lifts), to reduce the risks. We carry a number of sturdy, lightweight, modular or portable ramp systems.

Living Area

A low couch, unsecured throw rug, electrical cords, or the edge of a glass-top table can be hazardous for people with mobility issues. Motion can help you design a safe living space and introduce products such as a power lift recliner (or lift-out recliner chair), furniture risers or a walking aid like a walker/rollator or cane that can offer added support. 

Bedroom & Bathroom

Nighttime navigation is a valid concern for those wanting to stay in their own home as long as possible. In addition to proper room design, Motion will help you with other considerations, such as height-adjustable beds, bed support systems, and transfer devices like floor and ceiling lifts.

The bathroom can be an unnerving place for those with mobility issues. Slippery bathtubs, low toilet seats, and unsecure towel racks are all potential threats. Let Motion outfit your bathroom with safety items such as a bath or shower seat, raised toilet seat, toilet safety frame, bathtub lift and secure grab bars.

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